About us 


With solid Experiences in Digital affairs, our mission is to help Traditional Businesses to create an added Values by getting them Digital.  We are engaged in building up mutual confidence with our partners and site members. 

We aim to provide innovative elated products and services. As a Swiss family with diverse Backgrounds, we strongly incarnate Trust & Exactitude Values. We prioritize Firstly Human Dignity in a Trusted Business Field. Our insistence on high quality Services and Products is the key factor leading us to the rapid Growth. 



Who are We

We are a Swiss Family, with diverses Background.  The diversity of our Background is a Fortune that helps us to come over diverse Challenges. 

The Bam's member are: 

Fabiène Honegger

- Pharma-assistent 


Satiah Bamigbokpa (Satiah Bams)


Maeva Bamigbokpa (Maeva Bams)


Adéola Bamigbokpa (Adéola Bams)


Akim Bamigbokpa


What we do

Our Basic Objective is to make people Happy Worldwide. We therefore willing to connect People and their needs. We are engaged in Digital Services to facilitate Peoples & Companies daily lives. We create added Values.

Our Social Responsibility


We strongly believe in the Nature and We aims to leave this planet as cleaned as possible to the next Generations. 

Therefore we are strictly aware that, there is no other place like our planet. We run our company regarding the indispensable three Perspectives to keep our planet as a better Place for further Generations.   




and Social

Our Publications and Social Actions 

Sponsors, Partners and  Investors


We encourage and welcome Investors willing to invest in our Star up.  Furthermore, we share the Vision that Africa still offers a lot of Business Opportunities in different domains and we Therefore backboned any Investor that believes in the immense Opportunities that the Continent to kindly contact us.